3 Office Essentials Every Workplace Needs

Offices have changed over the years. They’ve gone from typewriters to computers, and fax machines to email accounts. If you’re setting up a new office these days, it can seem like an overwhelming task. There’s certainly more to furnishing a new building for work than just buying a couple of office printers. Below is a list of essentials that every workplace needs to function efficiently.


The kind of set up you choose will have a large impact on the feel of your office. Will your office be large enough for many employees in an open plan setting? Or do you work by yourself and only have your own requirements to consider? It’s worth thinking about the ergonomics of your desk and chair pairing. You may want to choose a sit-stand desk to keep your back and neck in good shape. You will also need some storage for important files, and folders to keep everything tidy and organised. You may also wish to choose a desk with drawers to keep all your stationery close at hand.

Printers, Computers and Other Technology

Office printers are a must these days in order to print important documents. A decent laptop or desktop computer is also crucial to the performance of your business. Choose one that suits your needs. If you have a business that involves working with photos, audio or video, you’ll need a more powerful computer, so make sure you check the specifications before you buy. When buying office printers, it’s similarly important to know what you need. Some printers have scanners built into them, while some are inkjet and others are laser. Do some research to ensure you’re investing in the right equipment. You will also need some kind of internet connection and any technology associated with that, such as a wireless router.

Now that you’ve got your office printers and computers ticked off the list, you need to think about applications and software. These are the handy programs and online apps that help your business run smoother. For example, there are apps for tracking customer payments, simplifying invoices, creating appointments and even doing accounting. Social media accounts can also be linked into an app to allow for easier management. Basically, all of the detail-orientated parts of your business can now be tracked by apps, making you more efficient. It brings tremendous peace of mind when you know all parts of your business are being handled.

Stationery Supplies

Obviously, you’ll need something to write with, such as pens, pencils, highlighters and other handy stationery items. Don’t forget envelopes, stamps, staplers and bulldog clips. Keep everything well organised in a desk or storage unit and you’ll always be able to find what you need. You might also want some folders to pop important documents into if you aren’t storing everything on the cloud. Other details to be aware of are things like hanging supplies for prints or paintings, and the paintings themselves. You might also like to have some plants in your office for aesthetic reasons and to help freshen up the air.